MYS Seeks Board of Director Nominations

McLean Youth Soccer will be a model club in the region known for developing players at all levels, creating a culture of innovation and excellence, and positively impacting our community. Mission
McLean Youth soccer provides opportunities for all players to reach their full potential in sport and in life through participation in soccer.

The McLean Youth Soccer Board of Directors is responsible for setting the club’s direction, establishing strategic priorities, and promoting our core values:

● Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – MYS values the differences of and the fair treatment for all, and invites the contributions and participation of all.
● Integrity and Respect – MYS members are honest, doing the right thing and putting others’ needs above their own. They have a strong sense of self-respect and respect for others.
● Entrepreneurial Spirit – MYS strives to be innovative, pursuing continuous improvement and actively seeking out positive change.
● Community – MYS strives to foster a strong sense of family within MYS, while also serving others in McLean and the greater DC region.
● Professionalism – MYS maintains consistent standards of excellence, teamwork, loyalty, a strong work ethic, and fiscal responsibility.

As the leadership body of MYS and to satisfy its fiduciary duties, the Board is responsible for:

● Stewarding the vision, mission, values, and policies of the organization, including setting the strategic priorities in collaboration with the Executive Director of the club.
● Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management of club funds.
● Reviewing and approving MYS programs and services.
● Conducting the annual evaluation process of the Executive Director.

A Board Member will abide by, emulate, and promote our core values of:

● Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
● Integrity and Respect;
● Entrepreneurial Spirit;
● Community; and
● Professionalism.

Board Members are expected to dedicate time, thought, and energy toward the viability and progress of the club. The Board will support the work of the staff and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Day-to-day operations are led by the Executive Director; however, appropriate Board involvement is expected. Specific responsibilities include:

● Emulate MYS’ Values. Board Members must display the core values of MYS in all of his/her work on the Board, at the soccer field, and in the community.
● Attend Board Meetings. Board Members must attend quarterly meetings. Board Members must review all materials prior to the meetings and be prepared to discuss Board business and vote knowledgeably on issues brought before the Board.
● Active in Board Programs. Board Members must be knowledgeable about the responsibilities and concerns of the Board. Participation in Board orientations, updates and retreats is expected of each Board Member. He/she must also be available for ad hoc meetings as needed, provide timely feedback on urgent issues, and contribute with innovative solutions or suggestions.
● Attend MYS Functions. Board Members are encouraged to attend special events, receptions, and other activities for the benefit and promotion of the club. Board Members are encouraged to support club fundraising projects.
● Accept Appointments to and Actively Participate in Committee Work. The work of the Board is accomplished, for the most part, in committees. Service on at least one committee is a requirement and an opportunity to become a more knowledgeable and effective Board Member. (Currently there are five committees: Finance, Strategic Planning, Travel, Recreation, and Recruitment.)
● Function as an Ambassador for MYS in the Community. Each Board Member is an advocate for the club and should take every appropriate opportunity to increase public awareness of the club’s contribution to the community and to promote public support for its ongoing programs and services.
● Understand Legal and Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities Applicable to Board of Directors. Each Board Member is subject to legal and fiduciary duties and responsibilities to the club. Among these is the duty to review and be familiar with the club’s vision, mission, values, bylaws, governance policies, budget, and finances.

Board terms/participation. MYS Board Members shall be elected to a two-year term and may serve two consecutive terms.

Qualifications. MYS is seeking individuals with various backgrounds and experiences who are passionate about MYS’ mission and who have a track record of board and/or community leadership. Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

● A commitment to and understanding of the MYS membership which may come from personal experience. We are particularly interested in candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to MYS through volunteer opportunities.
● Professional experience with executive leadership accomplishments in business, government, education, philanthropic, or related nonprofit organizations.
● A strong finance background is preferred to complement the Board membership
● Personal qualities that align with the MYS values and a passion for improving the lives of MYS members.

To apply, please fill out and submit the At-Large Board Member Application by April 22, 2021.