MPS Travel Preseason Camp

The Summer 2022 MPS Preseason Camp will take place the week of August 8th or August 15th - team's field and time assignments are below.

MPS preseason camps are included in the club fees for the teams listed below. No additional registration is necessary.

  • U9 - U12 Boys and Girls - All levels
  • U13 - U19 Boys and Girls - ECNL and Green teams only

Girls Schedule

Age GroupBirth YearGenderTeamsDates
U92014GirlsAll8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 amHolladay
U102013GirlsAll8/15-8/19Mon-Fri9:30-10:45 amHolladay
U112012GirlsGreen & White8/15-8/19Mon-Fri5-6:15 pmPolice
U112012GirlsGold8/15-8/19Mon-Fri9:30-10:45 amHolladay
U122011GirlsAll8/15-8/19Mon-Fri11am-12:15 pmHolladay
U132010GirlsECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pmSH5
U132010GirlsGreen8/15-8/19Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pmLinway
U142009GirlsECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pmLP2
U142009GirlsGreen8/15-8/19Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pmLinway
U152008GirlsECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pm LP2
U152008GirlsGreen8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 pm Police
U162007GirlsECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri5-6:15 pm LP2
U162007GirlsGreen8/8-8/12Mon-Fri9:45-10:45 amHolladay
U172006GirlsECNL 8/15-8/19Mon-Fri5-6:15 pm LP2
U172006GirlsGreen8/8-8/12Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pm Linway
U1904/05GirlsECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8:15-9:45 pmLP3
U1904/05GirlsGreen8/8-8/12Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pmLinway

Boys Schedule

Age GroupBirth YearGenderTeamsDates
U92014BoysGreen/White/Gold/Silver8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 amLP2
U92014BoysBlack/Bronze8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 amLP3
U102013BoysAll8/15-8/19Mon-Fri9:30-10:45 amLP2
U112012Boys All8/15-8/19Mon-Fri9:30-10:45 amLP3
U122011BoysGreen/White8/15-8/19 Mon-Fri11 am-12:15 pm LP2
U122011BoysGold/Silver8/15-8/19Mon-Fri11 am-12:15 pm LP3
U132010BoysECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri5-6:15 pmKL1
U132010BoysGreen8/8-8/12Mon-Fri5-6:15 pmSH5
U142009BoysECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri5-6:15 pmKL1
U142009BoysGreen8/8-8/12Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pmSH5
U152008BoysECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pm KL1
U152008BoysGreen8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 amLinway
U162007BoysECNL 8/15-8/19Mon-Fri6:30-7:45 pm KL1
U162007BoysGreen8/15-8/19Mon-Fri9:30-10:45 am Linway
U172006Boys ECNL 8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 pmLP2
U172006BoysGreen8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 amLinway
U1904/05BoysECNL8/15-8/19Mon-Fri8-9:15 pmLP2
U1904/05BoysGreen8/15-8/19Mon-Fri9:30-10:45 amLinway

**Optional Travel Team Camps** are offered for U13-U19 (White & Gold Teams) if the following conditions are met:

  • Must have 12 players from a team participating
  • Additional Fee of $150 per player
  • Fees must be paid to MYS prior to start of the camp

Camp details:

  • Scheduled either the week of August 8 or August 15
  • Four 1 hour and 15 minute sessions over 5 days
  • Anytime between 8am-5pm

**The decision to have an optional pre-season camp will be up to each team coach in coordination with the families to ensure commitment and interest before scheduling.**