Referees Needed - Courses Available

There is a severe shortage of referees in our area. If you need to re-certify as a referee OR would like to take a certification course for this in demand role with youth soccer, please follow the instructions below to find current available courses.

Click the link to review the 2024 referee certification requirements summary -


USSF Referee recertification is ongoing NOW.

All recertification learning modules are now completed online (including the referee exam).

Once all of the recertification requirements are met, the VA state office will mail your new referee batch to you.

To re-certify as a referee, go to, and select your recertification path.

  • If you are a 2022-certified referee, you may now certify for 2023, so choose Path #3.
  • If you were a certified referee in 2020 or 2021, then choose Path #4.
  • If you were a certified referee in 2019 or earlier, choose Path #5.

To start on your chosen path, you will need to go to the Officials Management System (OMS): 

New Referees are needed and welcomed at any time.

Prospective referees need to first register in the OMS system ( ).

Then you need to create a new account, pay the $85 registration fee, and complete the online coursework (approximately five hours), including passing the exam.

After completing the online course and passing the referee exam, each prospective referee ALSO MUST attend an in-person, on-field training (four hours).

To view the list of field training sessions, go to the following website:

Click Please Select and choose “Entry:  Never been a USSF referee before.”

Once you have completed all of the certification requirements, referees are able to step onto the field as a certified official.


Referee Assignment Procedures

MYS Referee Assignors

Tarey Houston, USSF-Certified Assignor, assigns all McLean home referees for Recreation, NCSL, and MYS Tournament games. Tarey has a Google Referee Availability Form you can complete for any MYS tournaments that you are available to work.

Each mid-March and mid-August, Tarey will begin making pre-assignments for that season's MYS games.

Once you are certified or recertified, contact Tarey to request her group code so you can be added to her online referee group. Once you join Tarey's group, you will begin receiving emails with a list of open MYS games, and this is the system where you will be assigned your MYS games. Tarey can be reached at

Jesse Rosenthal, USSF-Certified Assignor, assigns all McLean home referees for ECNL, ECNL-RL, EDP, and competitive youth play throughout Northern Virginia.  His contact information is and 703-338-6916.  He does NOT use self-assignments. Please contact him to be added to his mailing lists for future assignments. Join GameOfficials Group 1483; passcode is "FUTURE".

MYS REBATE BONUS for Brand, New Referees:

Tarey will also manage MYS' new referee registration fee rebate program. If you attend a referee class, become certified, and work 20 or more MYS Recreation (REC) games (with a maximum of five being MYS tournament games) by the one-year anniversary of you first becoming a certified referee, you will be eligible for a one‑time payment reimbursement of $85.

Want to be Assigned MYS Games?

Tarey utilizes as her online referee assigning tool. This is where you will find the list of available MYS games and how you will be assigned games. You will need to join Tarey's group to have access to this information. If you are already certified, please contact Tarey (at to request the instructions on how to join Tarey's online referee group.

Closer to the start of each season, you can opt to be pre-assigned games for the entire season, or you can pick up games from the weekly available game lists that Tarey will post and send by email.

If you need instructions on how to use the system, Tarey can provide them.

Generally, below is the procedure that Tarey uses to make referee assignments:

1) Approximately two weeks before each season, Tarey will upload the complete list of MYS games.  You can begin requesting games immediately for any weekend or for the entire season.  Email Tarey your choice of game sets.

2) As the season progresses, you will receive a list of available games for the upcoming weekend.  If you want to see a list of games for future weekends, you should log into and click Self-Assign in the left column, change the date range (and click the Reload button).  Once you see the games listed for the date you want to work, click the Request Game link.  Then (**and this is very important**) you must notify Tarey by email that you self-requested games.

3) During the season, Tarey will send out emails almost daily with a list of game still available for the upcoming weekend.  You can click Reply and request any games this way too.

To increase your chances of being assigned the games you want, when replying to Tarey's emails to request games, always send more than one game set choices in one email.

Tarey Houston can be reached as follows:


Phone: 301-648-2176

Referee Pay Scale - Recreation & Tournaments

Recreation League

Age LevelHalvesCenter RefARsTotal Referee Fees
U930 mins (7v7)$20$20
U1030 mins (7v7)$22$22
U1130 mins (8v8)$28$28
U1230 mins (8v8)$30$20$70
U13-U1435 mins$35$23$80
U15-U1640 mins$40$25$90
U17-U1940 mins$40$30$105

MYS Small-Sided Tournaments

Age LevelHalvesCenter RefARsTotal Referee Fees
U930 mins (7v7)$35$35
U1030 mins (7v7)$35$35
U1130 mins (8v8)$35$30$95
U12 preliminary matches30 mins (8v8)$35$30$95
U11-U12 semis and final35 mins$35$30$95