Recreation FAQS

FAQs For Recreation Families

What age group is my child eligible to participate in?

Players are placed by birth year, according to USSF Player Development Framework guidelines. See the table below for the Spring 2024 age groups. 


What equipment will I receive? How will I get it?

Who will be the coach of my players’ team?

All recreation team coaches are volunteers. Consider helping a team as a volunteer coach or assistant coach by registering here. Visit the Coaching FAQs page to find out more about training and benefits for MYS volunteer coaches. 

How can my player return to the same team they were on during the previous season?

During the registration process a request can be made for a player  to automatically return to their previous team. Players who did not participate in the Fall 2023 season but did play in Spring 2023 or an earlier season should register as early as possible to increase their chance of returning to a previous team.

When do I receive schedule information for practice and games?

MYS works with each team’s volunteer coach preferences and available FCPA permitted fields to assign the team's practice slots. If a team does not have an assigned coach, consider volunteering as a head or assistant coach by registering here.

Is there any extra training for my players during the season?

Visit the Recreation Training Page for more information about additional training opportunities such as camps, skills development sessions, and winter futsal offered throughout the year.

What is the commitment level needed for my player?

NCSL R teams (ages U11-U19) require a greater commitment from players, families, and coaches. Players should expect to participate in 80% of practices or games. 

Is there a refund policy if my child cannot participate?

MYS has a nonrefundable refund policy that is signed off on during the registration process. There may be an exception made for a season ending injury or a move outside the area. For details, click on the applicable policy listed below:

Registration Fee Policy

Registration Fees Refund Policy