Tryouts/ID Sessions

Travel Tryout Information 2021-2022 Season

MYS’ plan for team formation for the 2021-2022 season is outlined below. The goal of this plan is to help alleviate stress that our players and families are experiencing and to continue developing and supporting our current players. 

  • Current Travel Players - Prior to any future tryouts sessions the coaching staff will determine a preliminary ranking of players in each age group based on the performance evaluation by the current coach from the 2020-2021 season. This ranking will serve as a guide for the incoming coach in determining the placement of players. All current players that are in good standing will be offered a spot to return for the 2021-2022 season. While we expect that most players will remain on their current team for next season, exact placement will be determined by the coaches and some players may be offered a spot on a different team within the club.
  • Initial Offer Process - Players will be notified of offers on a rolling basis beginning in late April and this process will be completed by May 21. Players will be required to register using the link provided to them with the offer and will need to submit a deposit to hold their spot within 48 hours.
  • Team Formation Sessions - We plan to hold limited team formation sessions by age group which will allow coaches to look at specific players to determine their best placement. Players from outside the club may be invited to these sessions. 
  • Juniors Program - Current 2013 Juniors Program players will be offered spots in the U9 travel age group and 2014 birth year players will be placed in Juniors. Placement for these two age groups will be based on recommendations from the Juniors program and Recreation coaches and possible future placement sessions.
  • Coaching Assignments - 2021-2022 Season Travel Coach Assignments

Players who are not currently rostered on an MYS Travel team and are interested in joining for the 2021-2022 season should visit our Tryout Schedule page for details.

Travel Tryout Contacts

Todd WestAge Group Manager U8-U10
Corinne MazzottaAge Group Manager U8-U10
Jamil FaryadiAge Group Manager U11-U14
Alex RebeizAge Group Manager U11-U14
Dan WadesonAge Group Manager U15-U19
Alan PortilloAge Group Manager U15-U19
Cindi HarkesAge Group Director
Jamil WalkerAssistant Technical
Clyde WatsonTechnical
Marcia SikesTravel and Communications