Recreation Ages & Programs

U3-U5 Mini Kickers Parent & Player Program

The MYS U3-U5 Parent & Player Soccer Program is a recreational, development-oriented program for young soccer players born between 2021 and 2019 to enjoy with their family. In each session, players and parents engage in fun soccer activities led by trained McLean Youth Soccer staff coaches. These activities take place in a circle formation.

During the program, each player will have fun while developing balance, coordination, and social skills. This is not a program where parents simply watch from the sidelines. Parents or guardians will actively participate in the sessions  alongside their player.  

An adult must accompany each player throughout the program. There are six sessions per season which are held on Saturdays (subject to weather conditions). Each player will receive a t-shirt as part of their registration.


What should the players and parents wear and bring?

  • Dress appropriately for changing weather conditions.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Bring a size three soccer ball with your child's name on it.
  • We recommend the players wear cleats or turf shoes.
  • Shin guards are recommended.
  • Adults should come in comfortable footwear suitable for moving and dribbling a ball.

Will players be placed on a team or play in actual structured games?

  • There are no actual teams formed and no structured games will be played.
  • Each player will be playing in the same group each week and have the same staff coach leading the activities.  

Can I leave my player at the session?

  • One adult must participate with each child for the entirety of each session. 
  • If a parent needs to step away for a moment, they must have another adult assume responsibility for their player . 
  • Each parent’s full attention should be devoted to their  player and the session.

Can parents bring their other children to the sessions?

  • As long as parents can give their full attention to the player, other children may come and watch.
  • Parents are going to be playing along, so babies in arms will present difficulties. 
  • If a player has an older sibling, they may be allowed to fill in for a parent during the session as long as the parent is present.

I have twins. May I participate with both of them?

  • Yes, a parent can participate with both of their  twins.
  • But it is generally better for all if there is one adult per child.

U6-U8 Academy Program

The McLean Youth Soccer U6-U8 (2018-2016 birth years) program follows an "academy" format where professional MYS staff coaches run the sessions alongside MYS volunteer coaches and provide guidance as needed

The U6-U8 Academy is an inclusive program that allows young soccer players of all levels to develop their skills and passion for participation in the sport. The program aims to prepare players for future travel or recreational programs while also providing guidance to volunteer coaches for upcoming seasons.

U6 Format:

  • Teams practice for 60 minutes once per week with their volunteer coach.
  • On Saturday morning teams meet for 4v4 games using the small-sided, continuous play model.
  • Games are played against other MYS U6 Rec teams and coaches lead the continuous play module.

U7 Format:

  • Teams practice for 60 minutes once per week. 
  • 50% of practices are led by MYS staff coaches, and the other 50% are led by volunteer coaches.
  • Multiple teams in the age group practice on one field for one hour using session plans provided by the club.
  • On Saturdays, two MYS teams play side-by-side 4v4 games using a continuous play model. These games are supervised by their volunteer coaches.

U8 Format

  • Teams practice for 60 minutes once per week.
  • All practices are led by volunteer coaches, with MYS staff present to set up and guide them.
  • Six teams at a time practice on one field for one hour, using session plans provided by the club.
  • On Saturdays, two MYS teams play side-by-side 4v4 games using a continuous play model. Games are supervised by volunteer coaches.

U9-U10 Program

The McLean Youth Soccer U9-U10 program offers a fun and friendly, team-oriented program focusing on age-appropriate skill development. MYS Professional Technical Staff visit games to offer enhanced coaching education and support for volunteer coaches.

  • U9-U10 teams have 9 practices and 9 games per season (subject to weather conditions).

U9-U10 Format:

  • Teams practice for 75 minutes once per week with their volunteer coach.
  • On Saturdays, each team plays a 7v7 game against another MYS team in their age group.
  • Referees will be assigned, or in the event of no assigned referee attending a volunteer parent will referee.

U11-U19 NCSL R Program

MYS recreation players ages U11 and older play on MYS teams that participate in the Nation Capital Soccer League (NCSL) recreation level league (formerly known as SFL) in Northern Virginia. No tryouts are required or permitted.

During the spring and fall seasons, the NCSL R provides scheduling services to between 450 and 500 teams representing almost 30 different clubs.

  • To find out more about the NCSL R, visit the website HERE

U11-U19 Format:

  • Teams practice for 75 minutes once per week with their volunteer coach.
  • On Saturdays and/or Sundays (primarily Saturdays), each team plays one game against another team in the Northern Virginia area in their age group.