MPS Travel Training

MPS Training Spring 2021 


  • March 8, 15, 22
  • April 5, 12, 19, 26
  • May 3 & 10 (makeup session added)

Schedule: See table below

MPS Training is included in the club fees for the teams listed below. No additional registration is necessary.

  • U9 - U12 Boys and Girls - All teams (Green, White, Gold, Silver)
  • U13 - U19 Girls - ECNL and Green teams only
  • U13 - U19 Boys - ECNL and Green teams only

MPS GK sessions will be held on Mondays on the specific dates listed above:

  • U11-U12 Boys & Girls (ALL MPS teams) at LP3 5:30-6:45 pm
  • U13-U15 Boys & Girls (ECNL & Green) at LP3 7:15-8:30 pm
  • U16+ Boys (ECNL & Green) at LP2 8:45-10 pm
  • U16+ Girls (ECNL & Green) at LP3 8:45-10:00 pm

**GKs should attend the session listed above regardless of where or when their specific team is scheduled to train.**

Age GroupBirth YearGenderTeamsDayTimeLocation
U92012BoysAllMondays5:30-6:45 pmLP2
U102011BoysAllMondays5:30-6:45 pmLP2
U112010BoysAllMondays7:15-8:30 pmLP2
U122009Boys AllMondays7:15-8:30 pmLP2
U132008BoysECNL & GreenFridays5:30-6:45 pmLP3
U132008GirlsECNL & GreenFridays5:30-6:45 pmLP3
U92012 Girls AllMondays5:00-6:15 pmPolice Field
U102011GirlsAllMondays6:45-8:00 pmPolice Field
U112010GirlsAllMondays5:30-6:45 pmLP3
U12 2009GirlsAllMondays5:30-6:45 pmLP3
U142007BoysECNL & GreenFridays7:00-8:15 pm (updated)LP3
U142007GirlsECNL & GreenFridays7:00-8:15 pm (updated)LP3
U152006BoysECNL & GreenMondays7:15-8:30 pm LP3
U152006Girls ECNL & GreenMondays7:15-8:30 pm LP3
U162005BoysECNL & GreenMondays8:45-10:00 pm LP2
U162005Girls ECNLMondays8:00-9:15 pmKen Lawrence 2
U162005GirlsGreenMondays8:45-10:00 pmLP3
U172004BoysECNL & GreenMondays8:45-10:00 pmLP2
U172004Girls ECNLFridays5:00-6:15 pmLP2
U172004 Girls GreenMondays8:45-10:00 pmLP3
U18/U192003/2002BoysECNL Mondays8:45-10:00 pmLP2
U18/U192003/2002BoysGreenMondays8:45-10:00 pmLP3
U18/U192003/2002GirlsECNLMondays8:45-10:00 pmKen Lawrence 2
U18/U192003/2002Girls GreenMondays8:45-10:00 pmLP3