Tryout Schedule

Travel Tryout Schedule 2024-2025 Season

The schedule for the 2024-2025 MYS Age Group Tryouts for players U9-U19 is posted below. It is best to look at the schedule in its entirety on a laptop/computer and NOT on a mobile device. Please check back often for possible schedule updates.

  • Each age group/gender has 2 scheduled tryout sessions.
  • All sessions run 75 minutes each.
  • Information about the tryout process and what your player should bring can be found HERE.
  • Players must register for tryouts 24 hours in advance of the first session for their gender and age group - REGISTER NOW.
  • Field information can be found HERE.
  • Information about the U8 Juniors Program and ID Sessions can be found HERE.

Girls U9-U19 Age Group Tryout Schedule 

U9/2016 Girls4/23/244:45-6:00 pm SH54/25/244:45-6:00 pm SH5
U10/2015 Girls4/23/246:15-7:30 pmSH54/25/246:15-7:30 pmSH5
U11/2014 Girls4/23/244:45-6:00 pm SH24/25/244:45-6:00 pm SH2
U12/2013 Girls4/23/246:15-7:30 pmSH24/25/246:15-7:30 pmSH2
U13/2012 Girls4/29/245:30-6:45 pm LP35/01/24 5:30-6:45 pm LP3
U14/2011 Girls4/29/245:30-6:45 pm LP25/01/24 5:30-6:45 pm LP2
U15/2010 Girls4/29/247:00-8:15pm LP35/01/24 7:00-8:15 pmLP3
U16/2009 Girls5/07/24 7:00-8:15 pmLP35/11/24 5:30-6:45 pmLP3
U17/2008 Girls5/07/247:00-8:15 pmLP25/11/247:00-8:15 pmLP3
U19/2006/2007 Girls5/07/248:30-9:45 pmLP25/11/248:30-9:45 pmLP3

Boys U9-U19 Age Group Tryout Schedule 

U9/2016 Boys4/22/244:45-6:00 pm SH54/24/244:45-6:00 pm SH54/29 4:45-6:00 pm at SH5
U10/2015 Boys4/22/246:15-7:30 pmSH54/24/246:15-7:30 pmSH5
U11/2014 Boys4/22/244:45-6:00 pmSH24/24/244:45-6:00 pm SH2
U12/2013 Boys4/22/246:15-7:30 pmSH24/24/246:15-7:30 pmSH2
U13/2012 Boys4/30/245:30-6:45 pm LP35/02/245:30-6:45 pmLP3
U14/2011 Boys4/30/245:30-6:45 pm LP25/02/245:30-6:30 pmLP2
U15/2010 Boys4/30/247:00-8:15 pm LP35/02/247:00-8:15 pmLP3
U16/2009 Boys5/09/247:00-8:15 pmLP35/11/245:30-6:45 pmLP2
U17/2008 Boys5/09/247:00-8:15 pmLP25/11/247:00-8:15 pmLP2
U19/2006/2007 Boys5/09/248:30-9:45 pmLP25/11/248:30-9:45 pmLP2

**If you have questions about tryouts, please contact the appropriate Age Group Manager below.

Age Group Manager Contact Information

ContactAge GroupEmail
Alex PintoAge Group Manager U9-U12
Danny ButlerAge Group Manager U9-U12
Todd WestAge Group Manager U13-U19
Matt LeeAge Group Manager U13-U19