ECNL ID Sessions

ECNL ID Sessions

MYS & VA Union FC Travel program Age Group Tryouts for the 2023-2024 season have been completed. If you are interested in joining the program for the 2024-2025 season, please register with your information HERE.

2023-2024 Team Formation Process

On March 1, 2023  the VA Union ECNL program will begin the player selection process to form teams for next season. We understand that for many players and parents this process can be a stressful time and we want to provide guidance to manage expectations and improve the overall experience.

VA Union Philosophy

The VA Union ECNL program aims to build a nationally competitive program that is recognized as best in class in youth soccer development. We are committed to investing long-term in each player's development and to building relationships that last a lifetime. Players that excel in our program will be prepared to play and succeed at the college and professional level. 

Each team will have a unique set of circumstances that will ultimately determine how teams are formed (i.e. age/development goals, player pool depth, prior team results, positional needs, team goals, coach philosophy, etc.) but in general our philosophy is to build from within and supplement from outside. All things being equal we will favor current players over new players.

Every player is on a different development path and will be placed within a team we believe best fits their current needs. We understand that this selection does not always align with a player’s desires or goals and we will do our best to provide as much guidance to those players to help them through their journey.  VA Union ECNL works closely with McLean ECNL-R coaches/teams as part of the development process.

Why March 1st?

The ECNL Mid-Atlantic clubs meet each year to discuss and agree upon the competition rules governing our division and a part of that process is determining the date at which we begin the team formation process. March 1st was agreed upon by all clubs in order to provide an advantage against competitive leagues in our area.

What about tryouts in May?

Official tryouts for all McLean travel teams will be held in May and are open to all players. For VA Union teams this will be the final phase in the team formation process. VA Union coaches will attend the travel tryouts in May to further evaluate players.

ID Sessions

Starting In March, VA Union will begin holding formal ID Sessions to evaluate current and prospective players for the upcoming season. Players will also be invited to team training throughout the Spring for additional evaluations. This process will continue throughout Spring until the completion of the club wide travel tryouts in May.

Player Offers

Offers will be sent on a rolling basis starting March 1. Selections are made by the head coach in consultation with the staff coaches and with final approval from the technical leadership. Players that receive an offer will have 48 hours to accept. We understand that this can create tension between the players who do not receive an offer initially, but we ask that everyone be patient and respectful of the process. We are committed to being as transparent with each player throughout this process so that players understand where they stand and can make informed decisions.

Current Players

For current McLean and VA Union players, the team formation process is an extension of the year-long evaluation process. The staff considers the performances from the current season to provide further context in determining the team that will best support the growth and development of each individual player for the upcoming year. 

Injured Players

Given that each situation will be different we recommend that injured players reach out to the coach to determine how to proceed. Depending on the extent of the injury and potential recovery time, players who are injured can still be placed on a team without attending tryouts

Roster Size

The max allowed roster size for each ECNL team is 30 players. Teams will consist of primary players (play ECNL only), dual-rostered players (play ECNL and secondary league), and discovery players (explained below). Although 30 players are allowed on each roster the following are recommendations for each age:

  • U13-U14: 18-20 players
  • U15-U17: 20-24 players
  • U19: 25-30 players

Discovery Players

Discovery players are effectively guest players who are not full-time members of the Union but are on the ECNL roster and can play games. U13-U17 ECNL teams are allowed to roster up to 2 discovery players each. U19 ECNL teams are allowed to roster up to 4 discovery players.

Dual Roster Players

Dual rostered players are players that play on both the VA Union ECNL and McLean ECNL-RL teams. Coaches from both teams along with guidance from the technical leadership will determine the extent with which these players will train and play with each team. 

Development Philosophy

For more information about our development philosophy please visit:

ECNL Contacts

ECNL Program Contacts

Lisa RobertsonECNL
Alan PortilloECNL Boys
Brent LeibaECNL Girls
Nadir MoumenECNL Girls
John HarkesTechnical
Clyde WatsonTechnical

ECNL 2023-2024 Coaching Assignments

ECNL 2023-2024 Girls Coaching Assignments

Age GroupBirth YearCoach First NameCoach Last Name

ECNL 2023-2024 Boys Coaching Assignments

Age GroupBirth YearCoach First NameCoach Last Name
U192005/2006Micah Cooks
Pavel Nedelkovski