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Virginia Union FC - Alliance Name and Logo Reveal

Today, McLean Youth Soccer (MYS) and Springfield South County Youth Club (SYC) are excited to unveil the name and logo for the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) alliance announced earlier this month.

The new alliance will be known as Virginia Union FC. This name embodies the MYS and SYC collective goal to join forces in attracting the best players and coaches in the Northern Virginia area to compete within the alliance teams at the ECNL level.

The logo combines the colors of the founding clubs, with green and white representing MYS and blue and orange representing SYC. The combined colors represent the continued strength of both clubs’ identities with a new commitment to the excellence of the new alliance at the ECNL level. Each of the stars represents the MYS and SYC clubs.

Virginia Union FC: A new alliance between MYS and SYC that will compete in the ECNL level effective for the 2021-2022 seasonal year. This alliance increases the competitiveness of the MYS and SYC elite teams, broadens development opportunities for both clubs’ players and technical staff, and expands positive social impact to the community through soccer.

McLean Youth Soccer (MYS): Since 1970, MYS has served tens of thousands of players and their families by providing organized, developmental, and fun soccer experiences. MYS provides a broad range of soccer opportunities ranging from U4 to U19. Our mission is to provide a place for every player and a developmentally appropriate experience, promoting the emotional and physical well-being of each athlete through the game of soccer. We offer a variety of training programs, camps, and league participation, including Recreation and Travel Teams. Visit the MYS website at

Springfield/South County Youth Club (SYC): Established in 1977, Springfield South County Youth Club provides athletic programs for boys and girls ages 4 to 19 that promote character development, good sportsmanship, and exemplary behavior. SYC currently offers twelve sports with over 10,000 registrations per year, and we encourage participation across sports for the well-rounded athlete. We strive to establish a nurturing and supportive environment that reflects, respects, and celebrates our differences while embracing the richness of diversity within our membership. Visit the SYC website at

Springfield Youth Soccer and McLean Youth Soccer are independent soccer organizations.  McLean Youth Soccer, an all-in member of the ECNL, has rebranded its ECNL program for 2021-2022 under the name “Virginia Union FC,” reflecting the commitment of SYC and other clubs in Virginia to utilize the pathway for their top players to the Virginia Union FC ECNL program operated by McLean.  It is the position of McLean and SYC that the ECNL is the top level of youth soccer competition in the US. SYC has committed to encourage and support its top players to participate in the ECNL with Virginia Union FC, along with the top players from McLean and other clubs.  All other programs operated by SYC and other clubs are independent of McLean and independent of this commitment.

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